Digital platform for training and assessment of oil and gas professionals

Over 25 years we have developed and implemented 28 industrial computerized operator simulators for different companies of oil & gas industry. They have quite high requirements, which should meet such criteria as compliance with technological processes, have scenarios of emergency situations, have adequate model of process and accident management, have DCS emulation for automated control system process simulation and in-depth statistics for training and evaluation system. RTSIM has its own developments on how to train young employees at the enterprise.
In the year 2019 we started to adapt OTS simulators into a system of digital models, which is actively implemented in educational institutions that educate young specialists for the oil and gas industry.
To educate, evaluate and place every student.
Visibility of different processes control
(start, stop, process control and accidents)
Acquisition of practical skills for controlling various technological objects
Knowledge assimilation
Applying practical experience to the theory of thermodynamics, physical chemistry, hydraulics and mass transfer processes
Gamification of education, increasing interest in the educational process
Students are able to study for free on their personal computers
Each student's learning statistics are generated automatically
RTSIM.Career usage statistics for 2023
Over 12,000 hours of practical training on computer simulators were conducted by students from 73 educational institutions training specialists in the oil and gas industry.
For whom
Opportunities for students
Master the control of technological apparatus, industrial units and processes and get the best offer from the employer
Receive a personalized certificate of training and participation in online professional competitions skills
Skills and competencies
Gain practical skills in controlling various technological facilities
Get the best internship and job placement offer
For educational institutions
Introduction of digital learning technologies
and the use of methodological complexes for various specialized disciplines
RTSIM.Career effectively addresses the challenge of digitalization of education and distance learning for students
Suitable for studying various disciplines, preparing and conducting demonstration exam
Digital footprint
Each student's statistics are generated automatically
For employers
Get resumes of talented oil and gas students for internship and employment in your company
CV database
Access to an up-to-date online database of assessed future oil and gas professionals
Long-term HR-brand building among students
Holding competitions to promote the company and identify the best of the best
Online training for teachers
We provide free online training consisting of 4 classes followed by a personalized certificate
Study of methodological materials
We will send you basic instructional support for implementation
Introduction into learning process
We will guide you through all phases of implementation, from software installation to online exams
Online training for teachers of oil and gas disciplines
We continually provide free training with personalized certificates for instructors.
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